Learning to live with COVID: when that day comes we can then truly continue along the recovery path

We all share different views on life. When it comes to the delicate balancing act of managing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and attempting

Charting the trends – staring into the big black hole and 2020’s 2.5 billion seat void

There have been lots of numbers thrown around during the pandemic and how it has impacted global air travel. From the skeletal networks offering capacity

The next six weeks will determine the air transport landscape for the next 12 months. Will airlines go as far as offering free seats?

OAG, the provider of flight information data, recently stated that the travel trends over the next six weeks will “determine how 2021 will shape up

Punctuality is key for corporates, but a late aircraft departure doesn’t necessary mean the flight is actually late

We highlighted earlier this year how punctuality is a key ingredient in the booking mix for corporate travellers. When it comes to criteria for booking

Flight reliability is key for corporate travel; that’s why punctuality statistics make important reading for travel buyers

When it comes to criteria for booking flights there are numerous options to consider. Price is always a key driver, as is convenience, the latter

British Airways’ London Heathrow-New York JFK service remains the world’s only billion dollar airline route

The news this time last year that British Airways was the operator of the world’s only billion dollar air service by annual revenue secured significant

We are part of a technological revolution, but travellers seemingly still prefer the human touch to automation at the airport

From self-service check-in and baggage drop via self-scanning security points to biometric boarding, it is clear that technology is changing the travel experience at airports

Asia Pacific destinations dominate world’s busiest domestic and international air markets

A new study from aviation intelligence provider OAG has highlighted the increasingly important role the Asian market is having on global air connectivity. OAG’s Busiest

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