Oil Prices

IATA warns that Saudi Arabia attack is expected to put oil prices ‘under pressure’ for some time

The cost of fuel has a significant impact on airline profitability, but more than that it impacts future business strategy as growth rates are redefined

Who’s on first? Who’ll be first airline to add a fuel surcharge?

It’s back to that time of fuel price rises again. Most of us have forgotten the unhappy term “fuel surcharge”, the amount airlines add onto

While airlines could face cost pressures, oil price rises could reignite investment in oil and gas exploration and boost corporate travel

Airlines have been enjoying a period of low oil prices, but rates are on the rise and expected to continue moving upwards in the year

Low oil prices mean higher profits for airlines, as the dollar remains strong

Oil prices hit a seven month low this week, something that is good news for airlines. Good news, largely because it means costs go down,

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