Southwest Airlines

The number’s game – the scale of corporate travel recovery remains uncertain, but there is generally growing optimism on its revival

“Random numbers should not be generated with a method chosen at random,” is a saying from Donald Ervin Knuth, an American computer scientist, Professor Emeritus

Pandemic or not, Southwest continues to trumpet its ambitions to gain more corporate share

Throughout the COVID 19 crisis, Southwest Airlines has clearly stated its ambitions to capture more corporate share when demand for business travel returns, and the

Let’s not yet worry about the winter storm because right now US airlines are already bracing for an autumn of discontent

Now that the US Labour Day holiday has passed, and business travel continues to remain essentially dormant, the country’s airlines are bracing for a rough

Free extras – is this the way airlines are going to offer peace of mind and entice us back into the air?

Having to pay for the privilege of flexibility has been an accepted part of buying an air ticket for some time now. As with all

Southwest is hungry for greater share of the business travel pie, while first class nuts become a new online phenomenon

Just in case there was any doubt that business travel in the US remains nearly non existent, Southwest Airlines has just issued a reminder that

Southwest sees opportunities in the current crisis to grow its corporate footprint

Despite the bleak outlook for US business travel  for the foreseeable future, Southwest Airlines is declaring that it intends to have a larger share of

DATA SPOTLIGHT: Southwest Airlines

This year The Blue Swan Daily will feature some of the leading airlines, airports and country markets for air travel. Here, using the extensive profile insights available

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