Travel Risk

TravelPerk agrees deal to acquire Albatross; live data on travel restrictions and local guidelines will be integrated into its TravelCare platform

As societies across the world work to recover from Covid-19, international business travel is starting to reopen. However, the situation remains uncertain, with travel restrictions

The past weeks have certainly put businesses to the test, but what has Covid-19 taught us about travel risk management?

The impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the travel industry is unprecedented and has even put the most robust travel risk management plans to

‘Predicting what will happen in 2020 is a fool’s errand in an increasingly irrational world’ – Riskline identifies the ten top travel risks for the year ahead

Leading travel risk intelligence company Riskline describes predicting what will happen in 2020 as “a fool’s errand in an increasingly irrational world,” but its a

Traveller security has become a more significant risk management concern as the first half of this year has progressed

Understanding potential travel risk is an essential part of travel planning, both from a traveller and travel buyer perspective. Risk management specialist Drum Cussac has

Travel platforms are working on wellbeing solutions to capitalise on the industry’s welfare trend

Keeping a close eye on traveller health and wellbeing is a requirement for any company, but in many it is not necessarily something that is

Global Risk Map highlights the world is becoming ‘ever more complex for individuals and organisations alike’

The world is becoming “ever more complex for individuals and organisations alike,” according to the recently released Drum Cussac’s 2019 Global Risk Map, which provides

Travel risk is not just about destination danger; management is out of step with the needs of the modern workforce

Almost half of decision makers believe that travel risks have grown this year and will increase again next year, according to new research from International SOS

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