TAP Air Portugal to maintain 10 routes from Porto during winter 2020/2021

    Portugal‘s Regional Council of the North President Miguel Alves commented on TAP Air Portugal‘s operations, stating: “It is a delicate moment for the country… and it is complex for TAP, which needs to present a restructuring plan to Brussels by the end of the year, but Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport cannot be left as the ugly duck for the domestic carrier” (O Minho, 16-Oct-2020). Mr Alves also stated that recent statements from Portugal‘s Minister of Infrastructure Pedro Nuno Santos are “misconceptions… Focusing on route losses as TAP‘s most recent issue, focusing losses the company will have with the routes departing from Porto, it is not only unfair to the region but it is the opposite of the strategy that the Government has announced for TAP, as the Portuguese flag carrier”. He added: “If other carriers are making profits in routes from Porto, then it is because TAP does not know what it is doing”. Portugal‘s Government issued a clarification, stating: “The Minister of Infrastructure never said the only non-profitable routes are… Porto to AmsterdamZurich, Milan and Ponta Delgada“. The clarification added: “In fact it was mentioned that TAP at this moment is losing money in practically all routes, including those from Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport“. The Government stated TAP will maintain 10 routes from Porto, one fewer compared to summer season. [more – original PR – Portuguese]