XpresSpa Group in ‘active discussions’ with multiple US airports to develop COVID testing

    XpresSpa Group provided (16-Nov-2020) the following update on plans to expand XpresCheck, the company’s rapid COVID-19 testing venture:

    • The company considers 60 US airports to be the initial priority, in addition to various international locations, as it develops the XpresCheck Wellness centre concept;
    • In active discussions with multiple US airports to open new centres or convert existing XpresSpa spas to XpresCheck Wellness Centers;
    • Developing a substantially lower cost pop up clinic prototype, offering a significantly faster approval and construction timeline. This is designed to unlock additional real estate opportunities and thereby accelerate the rollout of COVID-19 testing to additional airports;
    • Continuing to work with major airlines to support creation of other potential air bridges between US cities and international destinations, including, but not limited to, New York to London;
    • Engaged in discussions with multiple emerging Health Passport Apps such as The CommonPass that would link COVID-19 test results from its partnered labs directly into these apps. Passengers would then be able to show their test results through these apps to airlines and destinations. These emerging technologies will be deployed to current and future XpresCheck Wellness Centers as soon as reasonably possible. [more – original PR]