A fitting ending to ‘Bleisure Week’...hear from CAPA chairman Peter Harbison

29 March, 2018

To finish off CAPA - Centre for Aviation and International SOS's 'Bleisure Week' and coinciding with the thought provoking webinar, 'Bleisure - Mixing business with pleasure', conducted on Tuesday, let's hear from CAPA executive chairman Peter Harbison on this important topic.

The word "bleisure" is a wicked assault on the English language, especially as it represents an activity that is basically pleasurable - and is even a prerequisite for any corporate employment regime today. Combining a leisure trip with business travel is becoming ubiquitous, and the word easily captures the concept.

Air travel itself becomes less and less attractive for road warriors who at one time might have sat comfortably in the business end of the aircraft, but are now relegated to knees-in-the-chest seating. So, grabbing a couple of days of side trip while travelling on business is not just seen as a welcome side benefit of a job, but almost a compensation for undergoing the turmoil of airports and economy seats.

As business travel takes the employee away from family and friends for sometimes extended periods, it is not uncommon for the bleisure segment to involve relatives or friends, permitting short breaks which help compensate for those lost times.

And for the adventurous millennials, supposedly an upfront question from interviewees is often "do I get travel privileges?" Whether it's a deal breaker is another matter, but it can be an important barometer of a firm's overall employee friendliness.

Corporate employers are certainly increasingly conscious that the carrot of bleisure travel is an important consideration in employment contracts.