Amadeus announces new global partnership with Adobe Experience Cloud

27 June, 2018

Amadeus has announced a new partnership with Adobe designed to assist airlines improve customer loyalty and improve customers digital experience. The combination of Amadeus solutions and Adobe Experience Cloud will enable airlines to deliver amazing digital experiences to travellers across any device and throughout the entire journey.

Amadeus Director Digital, Airlines John Lonergan, said: "Imagine what traveller experiences could be created by combining the world's leading airline technology platform with the world's leading digital experience platform. Amadeus' collaboration with Adobe Experience Cloud opens a world of opportunities for airlines to deliver truly personalized experiences to travellers across any digital channel - be it on a laptop, an iPad at check-in, a smartphone, or even a video screen on the back of an aircraft seat - and essentially at any point throughout the customer's journey. The sky's the limit as to what this partnership will bring to our shared airline customers."

Adobe Head of Industry Strategy and Marketing - Travel Julie Hoffmann, commented: "Our goal in Travel is to create and deliver to all touchpoints emotionally engaging experiences that transform and inspire. The world's leading travel and hospitality brands rely on Adobe Experience Cloud, and this partnership with Amadeus will enable us to integrate further with airline brands and take that experience to the next level. Together, we'll create lifetime value for travel brands, while leveraging a new form of intimacy on mobile from the anonymous to the known traveller. Shared airline customers will deliver on digital intimacy across the entire journey."

Amadeus and Adobe are working with airlines to leverage this partnership and the joint capabilities of their technology, however gave away very little of what capabilities this would mean for customer airlines and in turn travellers. With this in mind, lets take a closer look at Adobe Experience Cloud and try and identify the key uses airlines could benefit from.

What is Adobe Experience Cloud?

Adobe Experience Cloud gives customers access to an integrated set of marketing, advertising, and analytics software to build campaigns, manage advertising, and gain deep intelligence about customers.

Travel case study - Virgin Atlantic

Some airlines have already partnered with Adobe Experience Cloud and utilising the tools available. We expect the partnership with Amadeus will look quite different but its interesting to see what can be achieved by tapping into the customer at differing touch points.

Take a quick peek at how Virgin Atlantic manages its customer experiences. CMO Claire Cronin explains the brand's marketing personalisation strategy and its internal mandate to continually improve. Starting with pre-flight communications, Virgin Atlantic puts an emphasis on tailoring a unique, delightful experience each time a customer engages with the airline. Marketing measurement and customer journey management have been pillars for the brand since its inception.