Amadeus cites numerous projects under development utilising Artificial Intelligence  

14 March, 2018

Travel technology provider Amadeus is pushing full steam ahead in investigating applications for virtual reality, AI and blockchain, and has more than 20 projects in development or in production featuring AI components.

“AI, and in particular machine learning is very important for Amadeus,” said company head of AI Research Rodrigo Acuna Agost in late 2017. Amadeus has concluded that a raft of new and emerging technologies will allow travellers to spend less time arranging their trips and more time enjoying their journeys.

Amadeus believes AI can be applied to several dimensions of travel including booking, in-trip and post-trip. OTAs and airlines can use AI to better define product offerings with an element of dynamic pricing, the company concludes. An improvement in overall Internet connectivity will fuel development of new AI travel assistants, and as post-trip review systems expand, AI can use those reviews to improve a the travel experience in the future, says Amadues.

Mr Agost highlights value in merging different new technologies including blockchain, virtual reality and AI. As an example, Amadeus is mixing deep learning AI with econometric models and behavioral economics, including the irrational behavior of humans, to better model and predict traveler choices, Mr Agost explains. Amadeus is also merging AI with operations research techniques to optimise decision making processes.

“We are also looking at the long term and investing on AI research.” says Mr Agost. “Our research team is working on initiatives including improvements to airline revenue management systems, merchandising, digital advertising, and recommender systems for hotels, ancillary services, and flights.

Amadeus has been actively engaged in researching how emerging technologies can alter numerous elements of the travel experience. Also in late 2017, the company released a report noting blockchain database technology was on the verge of transforming loyalty schemes, making it easier to travellers to redeem loyalty points across various providers”.