Amadeus invests in young firm that uses new technology to streamline airport passenger flows 

16 March, 2018

Amadues Ventures - a branch of the travel technology provider that invests in start ups using technology to improve travel - has chosen CrowdVision as its latest investment project. CrowdVision helps airports manage growth in order to improve check-in and streamline security queues.

Amadeus describes CrowdVision as an early stage enterprise that utilises computer vision software and artificial intelligence (AI) to help airports monitor passenger flow in real time to minimise security lines. CrowdVision's software is designed to comply with data privacy and security legislation.

"Together with CrowdVision, we will be able to help airports to better anticipate and respond to traveller flows for better real-time, planning and investment decisions. We're committed to helping airports improve their operations and performance, because when airports run smoothly, everyone benefits...", said Suzanna Chiu, The Head of Ventures at Amadeus.

CrowdVision developed its technology in the mid-2000s, and airports using its product include London City, London Heathrow, Stansted and Jersey airports. During 2015, Highstar Capital took a majority stake in CrowdVision after seeing benefits of the company's technology at London City. At one point, Highstar was a partial owner of that airport.

CrowdVision processes live video input from commercial off the shelf cameras to detect pedestrian movements using AI techniques to create live data outputs for passenger flows, queues and wait and processing times. Live dashboards show actionable insights to improve real-time operations. Accumulated historical data helps in planning and future investments.

Amadeus is examining how numerous new and emerging technologies can improve the travel experience. In late 2017, the company stated it had more than 20 projects in development or production featuring AI components. The company believes there is value in merging different new technologies including blockchain, virtual reality and AI.

Amadues Ventures was launched in 2014, and its investment portfolio features several start-up companies including Situm, Avuxi, Betterez, Bluesmart, BookingPal, Flyr and Yapta.