American Express Global Business Travel launches ‘Business Travel Made for You’ offering for Australia

17 July, 2019

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has rolled-out its ‘Business Travel Made for You’ solution in Australia, designed to help companies to quickly and easily roll out a travel management platform for their workforce. It is now a couple of years since the solution was announced providing an all-in-one solution with a suite of corporate travel management offerings.

These include popular GBT products, technology, services and travel inventory as a bundle, including live chat functionality via the Amex GBT Mobile app and desktop portal offering an end-to-end customer experience for both travellers and travel buyers and assisted onboarding to help buyers drive user adoption.

“Companies need quick and simple solutions, particularly those with limited travel management resources. Business Travel Made for You is easy to implement, drives cost efficiencies while offering robust reporting and traveller support; such as around-the-clock customer service and easy-to-use online tools,” explains Jo Sully, vice president and regional general manager, Australia & Southeast Asia at American Express GBT.

“On the flipside, business travellers want to take advantage of technology that makes their journey smooth and simple to navigate. Business Travel Made for You delivers this through more choices and competitive rates, perks and loyalty rewards and 24/7 multi-channel personalised service pre-, during and post-trip,” she adds.

According to the executive, one of the most exciting new developments for travellers is the introduction of synchronous (real time and simultaneous) live chat functionality.

“The new synchronous live chat means you can keep your conversation with our travel consultants going. For example, you can open a chat on your desktop, continue it on your mobile device as you commute to a meeting or an event. You can then pause the conversation to make a phone call or to answer a text, and then pick it up where you left off whenever you’re ready,” she explains.