An in-depth look at global alliances

29 December, 2017

The death warrant for global alliances is routinely issued. It takes only a squabble between members or one airline’s partnership with a member outside the alliance to see the entire value of global alliances come into question, with a prediction of collapse, disbandment and obliteration. Yet in reality, reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated; global alliances have been busy creating a new life.

In 2017, the oldest of the alliances, Star, turned 20 years old. The intervening two decades have seen profound re-direction in aviation, yet global alliances, despite their many changes, have not followed in pace. Global alliances are seeking greater relevancy to the member airlines they serve.

Below we take an in depth look at the major global alliances and the market share they represent.

Keep an eye out in 2018 for our series of infographics related to these global alliances.