Artificial intelligence aims at the corporate traveller with the launch of Mezi for Business

13 July, 2017

If you haven't heard of the artificial intelligence (AI) powered personal travel assistant, known as Mezi yet, today is your lucky day. Mezi have just announced a welcome entry into the corporate travel market designed at offering a travel-as-a-service solution for Travel Management Companies (TMCs), Corporates and Travel Agents.

Mezi launched only two years ago and has already revolutionised AI-powered consumer travel. Simply put, Mezi is an AI-powered chatbot capable of automating more than 60 percent of the conversations initiated by travellers and then gathering availability, curating recommendations, and making reservations at the request of the traveller with limited human intervention. In fact, in most cases users aren't aware of when they are chatting to the robot or agent.

In these few short years the technology has already been used by more than 100,000 travellers and impressively processed over 50 million words across 500,000 conversations. The introduction of this technology into the corporate travel world is surely certain to have the same impact and provide an impressive value add for TMCs, Corporates and Travel Agents.

Mezi Co-Founder and CEO Swapnil Shinde believes: "Cumbersome and fragmented software solutions are weighing down the corporate travel industry, where service delivery is overly complex and customer satisfaction is disappointingly low. It's an industry ripe for disruption, and perfectly suited for the automation and personalisation AI provides".

"The Mezi for Business unifies the best of the old-school approach and new-age technologies, serving up the human experience of travel agents coupled with the speed, intelligence and efficiency powered by machine learning. We're thrilled with the industry's response to Mezi to-date, and excited to see its impact on corporate travel as we officially bring our product to the industry", continued Shinde.

Mezi is hoping to continue strong growth across the world by offering this innovative product to key organisations. TMCs have the ability to offer the product to current clients via white labelling, while agents have the ability to increase their own productivity by using the tool to assist with mundane tasks that take up large amounts of time and cause headaches.

There is a lot more to the Mezi product offering than just the AI chatbots. The complete product includes a variety of features which assist the user including:

  • Travel Dashboard puts the power of AI-assistance in the hands of travel agents, allowing for faster response times to client requests through automation. The intuitively designed conversational interface of the Travel Dashboard simplifies the skills necessary to become a travel agent, dramatically decreasing agent training times from months to a matter of days.
  • Dynamic Traveller Profiles keep living profiles on each traveller which are automatically updated based on actual user behaviour, allowing agents to offer a more personalised service with every conversation.
  • Proprietary Travel Genome technology runs a series of machine learning algorithms on hundreds of thousands of results from its travel service partners, segments them by the traveller's preferences, and selects three options that are highly personalised to the traveller.
  • Personal Travel Assistant App accessible 24/7 on iOS and Android gives business travellers a more convenient, immediate experience, with the mobility and text-message style interface that consumers have come to expect in their digital services and products.
  • Partnerships with Major Travel Services including Sabre, Expedia, Priceline, TripAdvisor and others provide instant access to thousands of flight and hotel options.
  • White Label Capabilities allows Mezi for Business partners to add a personal touch to the Mezi experience, deepening their relationships with travellers, and providing them with superior service.

Mezi is yet to partner with an organisation in the South Pacific, however it is only a matter of time. What are your thoughts on AI in the corporate travel industry? Is there a place for it and what will the impact be?