Attention Travel Managers! Airline negotiations made easier with CAPA Route Capacity Analyser: Melbourne - Wellington

1 March, 2018

Supplier contracts with airlines can be an exhausting and time-consuming task and the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time determining what your share of various air markets has been – and whether it stacks up to market realities of capacity settings on those routes.

CAPA – Centre for Aviation’s Route Capacity Analyser tool examines airline capacity shares in every city and country pair worldwide, provides unique insights on what is a fair market share against which you can benchmark your program’s own performance.

How do we do it? CAPA retains a global aircraft fleet database, complete with aircraft configuration data by class, which we then mesh with airline schedules data to create the capacity analytics graphics we’ll be presenting in this series in The Blue Swan Daily. The data is live and constantly updated online at the CAPA Website (premium subscription area) and has many years of historic data – and projections six months into the future, based on the schedules filed by the airlines.

As an example, the CAPA Route Capacity Analyser allows you to identify which airlines have the most capacity on any point to point route - you can choose from any specific airport, city, country or region. In one of three separate regional stories we have selected the Melbourne-Wellington route for our South Pacific readers.

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In this example, both Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia dominated market share with around 50% each. Recent announcements from Singapore Airlines regarding rerouting Singapore-Canberra-Wellington to Singapore-Melbourne-Wellington in Apr-2018, brings an important player into the market and some healthy competition to the route. The graph highlights to travel buyers the new option which will make up 32.7% of market share.

Melbourne to Wellington one way seats per week viewed by capacity share: Weeks from 19-Sep-2011 to 06-Aug-2018

Source: CAPA – Centre for Aviation and OAG

Melbourne-Wellington route capacity share week commencing 26-Feb-2018

Melbourne-Wellington route capacity share week commencing 07-May-2018

This is just one of many unique features within the CAPA database which could assist Travel Managers throughout the supplier contract process.

To learn more, email [email protected] or visit CAPA – Centre for Aviation to start your free trial.