Australia's on time performance suffers again in September, bringing the long term average down

23 October, 2017

Overall on-time performance in Australia for Sep-2017 dropped 4.2 percentage points in comparison to the same period in 2016. The average over all routes by participating airlines was 79.3 per cent for on time arrivals (4.2% lower than 2016) and 80.6 per cent for on time departures (4.0% lower than 2016). Cancellations represented 2.7 per cent of all scheduled flights, an increase of 1.0 versus 2016.

Both arrivals and departures we lower against the long term average performance for all routes, which is currently 82.7 per cent for arrivals and 84.1 per cent for departures.

Explore our interactive graphs below to find out more:

Australian Domestic On Time Performance

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