Being a digital nomad has its benefits. Earning loyalty points for a normal day’s work as the hotel becomes my new workspace – a viewpoint from our normally disgruntled corporate traveller

3 November, 2020

It seems continued travel restrictions and or reduced mobility means there is a significant pent-up demand for travel, even our disgruntled corporate traveller Victor A Forcenteain bemoans the lack of business travel. In fact, he appears in positive spirits this month having found an excuse to get back on the road.

"Working from home is something most of us have been doing for a while now. At first I welcomed the chance to stop travelling and enjoy some peaceful time with the family through lockdown. However as we all know, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing!

"Not having to sit in anonymous hotel rooms, departure lounges and various cafés around the world was really good for a while. But as mentioned previously I really now miss all that travel misery. In fact I miss it so much that I decided to take advantage of some of the offers from leading hotels to set up an office in one of their under-used guest rooms.

"Oh the cleanliness for starters! I’m not comparing to home and our abilities with the vacuum, but to my normal office where we have to hot desk. Somehow those desks never seemed very clean and in these days of COVID that is a worry. But working in a smart hotel room with all the mod cons you could wish for is another thing entirely!

"I needed to meet with some colleagues and rather than sit in a noisy café, or worse still meet via Zoom, of which I’m now totally over, I decided it would be nice to use the facilities of a luxury hotel. Setting up couldn’t have been easier with their fast and efficient WiFi and desk with perfect light fitting. I even had unlimited teas and coffee. The hotel’s offer is for day use only so I couldn’t take advantage of the lovely soft bed – although it was tempting – but I did take advantage of room service for my lunch, gym and even took a dip on their pool. This is something I could definitely get used to.

"My colleagues joined me for a very good socially distanced meeting and agreed the facilities on offer were a step up from the normal dull windowless meeting room at our offices. We felt like we’d travelled to get there, which was pretty special. All the benefits without the hassle!

"And if this wasn’t all enough, the hotel group also gave me loyalty points so not only am I having a comfortable time using their facilities as my office, I’m earning points too. In fact at the moment the hotel is offering double points. What’s not to like? Most of the large chains around the world seem to be offering similar so if there’s a hotel near you it’s well worth checking it out.

"The quiet was the thing I liked the most. Away from all those home distractions that make it difficult to concentrate. I even had a great view over a park and being able to order a really tasty lunch without leaving my desk was exceptional. Made me feel very nostalgic for all those days and nights spent in a hotel while travelling. But with the added bonus that I was within an hour of home!

"Using the hotel room was a real welcome change from being at home. I felt like I was going to work so dressed accordingly and felt I could concentrate more being away from home. The benefit of meeting colleagues was great and even if I’d had to make it via Zoom, at least I was in a quiet location with a great backdrop.

"So what’s next, well I was thinking of taking advantage of Bermuda’s great offer, or other island nations, to spend a month there working remotely… not sure I’ll get permission from the wife though!"