Blockchain in consideration as Air Canada evolves its technology

22 October, 2019

Blockchain continues to be a technology bandied about in tech discourse, and while Air Canada sees some interesting applications for the technology, it doesn’t seem to be a significant priority for the airline.

Speaking during the recent CAPA Canada Aviation Summit, Air Canada chief information officer Catherine Dyer sated that blockchain is a very interesting technology, and there are use cases for it emerging across a number of industries where the technology could create an advantage.

Ms Dyer remarked there could be some interesting applications for blockchain in cargo and loyalty, but the airline is “being thoughtful on the amount of time we spend on that right now given other priorities of the organisation but certainly it is part of how we are considering evolution of technology at Air Canada”. However, “I wouldn’t expect anything in the very short term,” she concluded.

Air Canada is really focused on evolving its practices around data and artificial intelligence, “and how we can actually use that to improve our bottom line results for the company”, and to improve the customer experience. Responding to a query about buying travel on Air Canada during the next five years with cyber currency, Ms Dyer quipped that she hopes travellers will book with the Air Canada credit card.