Blue Swan’s Brightest – October's most popular EMEA newsletter stories

4 November, 2018

It's the first full week of November, so let's take a look back at the most popular stories from last month's The Blue Swan Daily EMEA newsletters…

#10 - Norway reviews air passenger tax, but it could be too little too late to stop Widerøe from suspending routes

#9 - There's another proposal for a second Madrid airport, but what's so different this time? Quite a lot, it appears!

#8 - Cyprus and Morocco are Ryanair's stand out winter growth markets alongside its new Ukraine and Jordan operations

#7 - Europe beware! Half of Brits are less likely to holiday in Europe after the UK leaves the EU

#6 - '301 airline failures' and counting… but the industry has learnt to quickly recover

#5 - Wizz Air new baggage policy will help 'ease' the boarding process for passengers, says airline, but is it simply all about the money?

#4 - Low Cost Long Haul becomes 'an inevitable fixture', the 'party's over' in terms of interest rates, 'loyalty is the key in corporate travel' and 'connecting the unconnected' - insights from CAPA Low Cost Long Haul Global Summit

#3 - Could the tap run dry at Montijo? Portuguese national carrier declines to use Lisbon's new airport, when it is built

#2 - IAG home helps to keep low cost brand on the straight and level

#1 - Primera Air blames 'several unforeseen misfortunate events' for its collapse, but did it take a risk too many in entering the competitive trans-Atlantic market?