Business travellers are becoming more health-conscious during trips with more than a third eating healthier while on the road

23 August, 2019

New research from business travel management platform CWT has revealed that awareness of maintaining healthy eating habits is growing momentum amongst business travellers. In fact, across all areas of the world with the exception of Europe, travellers are increasingly sticking to wellness routines while travelling on business.

It has found that more than one in three (38%) business travellers are eating healthier while on the road. But, there remains significant regional variation with Asia Pacific travellers the most likely to eat healthier when traveling for business (46%) compared to travellers in the Americas (35%) and Europe (29%).

Travellers in Asia Pacific are also likely to work out more (33%) while abroad, compared to travellers in Americas (23%) and Europe (21%). On the flipside, Europe business travellers are less likely to work out while on the road (48%) versus travellers in the Americas (38%) and across Asia Pacific (32%).

Meanwhile, CWT’s findings highlight that just 7% of travellers do not adhere to health and wellness routines when traveling. The percentage is higher among Europeans (10%) and Americans (8%), while travellers in Asia Pacific are the least likely to steer away from their wellness routines (3%).

“Maintaining healthy habits while travelling is nearing the top of the priority list for travellers around the world,” according to Niklas Andreen, chief traveller experience officer at CWT. “At the end of the day, being in tune with what matters to your employees is indispensable for retaining and attracting the best talent.”

Over the past couple of years, maintaining health and wellness routines while on the road has become an increasing priority for travellers. Across all regions, business travellers are striving to achieve their health and wellness routines regardless of where they are in the world and employers are also increasingly considering how they can support staff welfare when travelling.

CWT’s research also shows that hotel exercise rooms and equipment are the most common way for business travellers to adhere to their health and wellness routines (49%), followed by hotel swimming pool (40%), and in-room hotel equipment such as yoga mats and stationary bikes (27%). This highlights the need for accommodation providers to offer the equipment and services guests need to maintain their healthy outlook.

It is clear that business travellers from Asia Pacific and Europe have different outlooks, or just perhaps success at sticking to their wellness routines when on the road. Over the past two years, the percentage of travellers in Asia Pacific maintaining these routines has grown from 45% to 52%, according to CWT.

The region still leads on the matter and is in fact increasing its position and boosting the global average from 38% in 2017 to 42% this year. In the Americas the rate has risen slightly from 36% to 37%, while across Europe it has slipped from 33% to 32%.