CAPA Global Airport Leaders' Forum 2017 – A Photo Story

22 May, 2017

CAPA's Global Airport Leaders' Forum rolled into Dubai last week on the 16th and 17th May. Co-located with airport show 2017, the event included a variety of high profile industry leaders discussing topical issues related to aviation.

Key discussions included:

  • UAE Aviation Outlook 2025
  • CAPA Global Airports Outlook 2025:
    • What are the big aviation trends?
    • Will protectionism slow airline growth?
    • Where is airport investment focused, where will airport ownership change hands, where is the fleet growth going, and where will traffic flourish? Do they correlate?
    • Global aviation markets outlook - what are the implications for primary and secondary hubs
  • Financing airport projects: Will they always be good investments?
  • Keynotes:
    • Innovation and Redefining the Airport Role: Pittsburgh International Airport
    • Travel Defies Global Challenges - extreme market volatility and its effects on future travel demand
    • Bespoke Capital Markets Products: Macquarie Bank
  • Straight-talk: Are they listening? What airlines really want from airports
  • Retail on board: When will inflight wifi threaten airport sales?
  • Low cost long haul to short haul connectivity - NextGen facilitation and technology
  • Unshackling the biggest challenge to growth: Airport Capacity
  • What do Brexit, Trump and rising nationalism mean for aviation?
  • Designing and operating an Airport City, or Aerotropolis; Case studies on developing airport activity.

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