CAPA LCCs in North Asia Summit: LCC development, shattering the glass ceiling and what LCCs want from airports

28 June, 2018

The LCCs in North Asia Summit held by CAPA - Centre for Aviation returned to Seoul - one of the more advanced North Asian LCC markets - this month to discuss the key challenges and strategic issues facing LCC operators in North Asia as they seek further opportunities for growth, as well as key trends around the world.

Below is a snapshot of some of the thought provoking discussions and keynotes from the two day event:

North Asian LCC Outlook with CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison

LCC Development in South Korea - The Accidental Success Story

Korea was Northeast Asia's first major LCC market and today remains the largest and most vibrant. This success was more by accident than design: there was no explicit policy to develop LCCs. With LCCs having created success on their own, what formal planning can be done to further grow the LCC sector? Can LCCs play a role in unlocking further connectivity between North and South Korea?

Shattering the Ceiling - The Rise of Women in Asian Aviation

It's no secret that aviation is still very much a boys club, with only a handful of the world's airlines headed up by female CEOs. Still, there's been a notable increase in the number of women executives who have risen through the ranks of Asian aviation, taking on roles in a wide range of areas from commercial through to operations. Hear from an array of women about their personal experience in this industry and how they are championing diversity in the workforce.

What Do LCCs (And Travellers) Want from Airports?

There are myriad ways that airports can effectively service both their LCC customers and end travellers. For airlines, assistance can come in the form of incentives and subsidies and building dedicated low cost carrier terminals. For travellers, any initiative that streamlines and enhances the travel experience guarantees a win win for all stakeholders. And while LCCs may have their own distinct needs compared to full service carriers, it remains to be seen whether the same is true of North Asian LCC passengers. If that is the case, do airports and their partners in retail and duty free need to develop offerings that appeals specifically to this fast growing traveller segment?

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