'CT Phone home' - corporate travellers from the Americas call home more regularly than rest of world

21 November, 2017

More insights released from the Carlson Wagonlit Travel CWT Connected Traveler survey shows that business travellers from the Americas are best at staying in touch with family while working away from home, although it is still less than one in two people. There are also geographical differences in the ways travellers contact family, according to the research, but while technology continues to evolve, most travellers still favour traditional ways to connect with family and friends.

According to the survey of 1,900 individuals that was conducted through Artemis Strategy Group between 30-Mar-2017 and 24-Apr-2017, half of business travellers from the Americas contact their families when on business trips, more than those from other regions. Only one-third (31%) of travellers from Asia Pacific and around a quarter (27%) of Europeans touch base with their families while on the road.

It also found that travellers from the Americas are also more likely to check-in more than once a day (47%), whether by phone, text, email, or other methods, compared with travellers from Europe (37%) and Asia Pacific (32%).

While there were similarities across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, the study exposed key differences in the ways and frequency with which business travellers connect with family. For example, European travellers (49%) are more likely to use a phone to communicate with family and friends while travelling compared with 43% of those from the Americas and 41% from Asia Pacific.

Conversely, travellers from the Americas (20%) are more likely to text family and friends than those from Asia Pacific (17%) or Europe (13%). Regardless of location, CWT's research also revealed that around a quarter of travellers from each region Skype their families.

The Blue Swan Daily reported earlier this month that initial findings from the CWT Connected Traveler survey had found that while more than one-third (37%) of European travellers are concerned about safety and security, their counterparts from other regions worry more. Travellers from the Americas say that they worry about safety and security nearly half of the time (47%), while Asia Pacific travellers worry the most (56%). While concern levels across Asia Pacific are the highest, interestingly Australian business travellers are by far the least concerned in the region with only 25% "concerned" or "very concerned" about safety and security, less than half the region average.

Despite recent terrorist attacks, business travellers say they're more worried about other things. Terrorism only ranks fifth (35%) among safety concerns, despite the high visibility of terrorist attacks. "Forgetting something needed for work" ranked higher (40%), as did "losing something important" (38%), "being robbed or attacked" (37%) and even "weather conditions" (37%).

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