CTC BCD China Travel Smart Conference brings 140 travel experts together in Shanghai

3 December, 2021

CTC – Corporate Travel Community and BCD Travel once again partnered to bring together travel experts for this year’s China Travel Smart Conference (CTSC) in Shanghai on 30-Nov-2021. An important event for the corporate travel industry, it was a day of networking and learning as experts discussed topics related to travel management in China.  

The morning sessions included presentations on China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and what it means for corporate travel programmes and tax receipt compliance in corporate management. The afternoon included a commercial aviation trend summary and forecast, an update on e-Fapiao, air tickets and rail tickets and a session providing insights into BCD Travel’s payment solutions for hotel, rail and car.

A session also discussed staying ecosystem connected and exploring profitability from expense management, while a keynote looked at the development of AI and the evolution of its legal responsibilities. The event concluded with a roundtable on sustainability and planning future corporate travel programmes to meet such demands.

Benson Tang, executive director, CTC – Corporate Travel Community, said: “It was amazing to meet up with so many friends in the corporate travel industry. To say 2020 and 2021 have been a challenge for our beloved industry is an understatement, but by working in partnership we are ready to build back our industry.”

“This Corporate Travel Smart Conference has been the only corporate travel focused conference of such a kind in China in 2021. With about 100 travel managers getting together, meeting face-to-face to exchange ideas and acquiring innovative information it has offered an indispensable opportunity for travel managers to grow and develop,” he added.