CTC Corporate Travel Buyers’ Survey – a stronger sustainability pull for corporate travel programmes

7 December, 2021

Environmental sustainability is a top ranking focus issue for corporate travel programmes and the procurement experts driving these programmes, according to new Corporate Travel Community (CTC) research.

Over seven-in-ten corporate travel managers agree that sustainability will be an important issue of the next 12 months. Of these, 8% described environmental sustainability as a 'critical' issue and a further 33% said it was 'very important'.

The findings are from the CTC Corporate Travel Buyers' Survey, compiled in partnership with Serko, the New Zealand headquartered travel management and expense technology company. The survey of over 100 travel buyers completed in Oct-2021, provides some valuable insights into travel buyer sentiment, particularly on the matter of sustainability.

It reveals that environmental sustainability is already a priority for almost three-in-ten corporate travel buyers surveyed, with a further 17% expecting it will become a priority within the next 12 months, and 34% expecting it to become a priority within 2-3 years.

Two-thirds of corporate travel manager respondents said their company's sustainability or carbon reduction policy or position already impacts their travel purchasing decisions, and only 10% said their companies do not yet have a stated policy/position.

But almost one-third (32%) of respondents said it was 'somewhat difficult' or 'very difficult' for people in their organisation to make more sustainable travel purchasing decisions. Just under one-quarter (24%) said it was 'somewhat easy' or 'very easy' for their colleagues to make these informed decisions.

Personal views on environmental sustainability are also influencing corporate travel buyer decisions and behaviour, with over seven-in-ten respondents saying their personal carbon reduction concerns were influencing their travel purchasing decisions 'significantly' (14%), 'somewhat' (37%) or providing 'a little' (20%).

** Look out over the rest of the week as we reveal further insights into travel buyer sentiment from the findings of the CTC Corporate Travel Buyers' Survey. **