Destination Canada expects significant jump in Chinese traveller spend in 2018 

17 May, 2018

As the “Canada-China Year of Tourism 2018” pushes forward full steam ahead, Chinese traveller spend its set to jump 18% for the year, according to calculations from Destination Canada.

Summary :

  • Destination Canada expects Chinese travel spend to grow 18% year-on-year in 2018;
  • The organisation calculates airline seat capacity between the two countries should increase 8% this year;
  • During 2017 China was Canada’s second largest market for tourist spend.

The governments of Canada and China designated this year to highlight deep ties between the two countries, including China’s status as Canada’s largest trading partner behind the United States of America (USA).

During 2017 China also remained Canada’s second largest market for tourist spend, and arrivals from China increased 12% year-on-year in 2017.

Destination Canada is forecasting 13% growth in Chinese visitors for 2018, and an 18% jump in spending by those travellers to CAD1.79 billion. The organisation also calculates airline seat capacity between the two countries should grow by 8% year-on-year in 2018.

Data from CAPA - Centre for Aviation and OAG show seat growth has been on solid upswing during the last couple of years. Air Canada remains the seat share leader with a 39% share for the week of 7-May-2018, followed by China Eastern Airlines with a 17.5% share.

CHART - System capacity between Canada and China has grown significantly this decade and will hit a new peak in Aug-2018 with over 35,000 weekly seats in each directionSource: CAPA - Centre for Aviation and OAG

Destination Canada has compiled the top drivers that Chinese travellers desire in a destination including beautiful scenery, summer outdoor activities, good value for money, great place for vacation that avoids surprises and a safe place to visit.

Overall, Destination Canada concludes: “Forecasted expansion in air capacity, resilient economic conditions and increased visa accessibility via 11 applications centres across China bode well for continued arrivals growth in 2018.”