Duty of care: Is the employer actually responsible?

4 September, 2017

In the last two or three years duty of care has increasingly grown in momentum with more and more employers and employees acknowledging its importance especially while travelling for business. The first question that most commonly gets asked, is comes whether or not the employer is actually responsible.

International SOS regional director – insurance partnerships Bjorn Shakespeare says under OHS regulations the answer is very clear, “yes you are”. Organisations have an implied responsibly to look after the health and wellbeing of all employees.

Mr Shakespeare believes there are more queries around the physiological impacts which include things like DVTs and exposure to X-rays which is in the planes itself and psychological issues such as being away from family and spending time alone.

Just how stressful is business travel. Get involved in the conversation.

International SOS is in the process of conducting a new survey designed at identifying exactly how stressful business travel can be.

If work-related stress is a “21st-century disease”, as the International Labour Organisation puts it, what happens when a busy travel schedule is added to the equation?

Life as a mobile worker can bring unforeseen stress and strain. Dealing with the complexity of business travel or life abroad can impact a mobile workforce’s health and wellbeing. Encouraging mental health starts before the plane takes off and can continue after the traveller returns.

Join the conversation and take this survey to see if your organisation is asking the right questions to care for travellers.

Visit the following link to be part of the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/emotionalsupport

This survey is a precursor to the EMOTIONAL SUPPORT WEBINAR on October 26 that will discuss these results and best practices for adding emotional support to travel policies. CLICK HERE to pre-register for the webinar.