FCTG plans to set a new benchmark in business travel booking technology with Savi

13 September, 2018

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), launched a new product innovation designed for business travellers, at its Illuminate event in Melbourne, known as Savi. The exclusive online booking platform powered by the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), was designed in collaboration with FCTG’s technology partner Serko.

Savi’s launch follows the introduction of Sam in 2017, FCTG’s ‘chatty’ pocket travel assistant app and AI-driven chatbot, and is available exclusively for the customers of FCM Travel Solutions, Corporate Traveller, Stage and Screen and Campus Travel.

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FCTG Executive General Manager of corporate brands James Kavanagh, said Savi incorporated exclusive functionality that would generate significant time efficiencies for individual users and overall cost savings for businesses.

"The platform’s everyday language moves quickly through each step on the same screen reducing the time it takes to make a booking," FCTG Executive General Manager of corporate brands James Kavanagh

“Savi includes all the key functionality of a standard online booking tool but is so much more … our product team has worked very closely with Serko to ensure the front-end customer experience is seamless,” he said. “It is about making sure the navigation flows through each step of the booking process for whoever is using it – traveller, travel booker or a decision maker – quickly and in everyday language. Some OBTs make it difficult or are confusing to search for flights or hotels, or a tool may not give you all the information you need about a ticket or a hotel rate. Savi has been built with the end user in mind not the consultant!”

James said Savi was unique in that it offered customers persona-driven modules that enhanced the online experience for users.

“Savi includes exclusive modules such as Savi Select, Savi Voice and Savi credits, all delivering significant efficiencies and cost savings for business travellers, Travel Bookers and their companies,” James said.

  • Savi Select: OBT functionality that streamlines travel requests, quotes and interactions between Travel Bookers and their travellers.
  • Savi Credits: OBT technology that helps businesses to manage their air tickets or air credits that are on hold. The technology ensures that businesses don’t miss out on using tickets before they expire.
  • Savi Voice: A specially designed module that gathers information via a two way interaction between Savi and the user via a ‘crowdsourcing’ technique.

“Savi’s unique design and functionality sets a new standard for corporate online booking tools. Online business travel booking is about to get faster, easier and far more personalised with Savi.”

The product also includes richer travel content that is exclusive to Flight Centre Travel Group.

Savi will be made available for select FCTG corporate customers to trial over the coming weeks.