For one business traveller about to start an epic journey, open skies and a travel corridor that circumnavigates the globe is all he needs

24 December, 2020

You better watch out … You better not cry … You better not pout … I'm telling you why … One business traveller is about to fly! There is one business traveller about to start his annual journey for whom open skies and a travel corridor that circumnavigates the globe is all he needs.

A special night is approaching for one business traveller when the idea of being stuck in quarantine or obeying closed borders just won't wash. Zoom isn't possible as he just can't give out his personal service remotely. For him there has to be true open skies when he thunders into the air with his trusty craft with its red nose leading the way.

It's that time of year when there is a travel corridor that circumnavigates the world kept clear especially for this one traveller. Keeping his safe distance from everyone is ensured as he makes sure he's not seen, not even by the craftiest of children although some claim to have seen a flash of red as he passes. He speaks to no-one, so bubbles and masks are not necessary for him, just the occasional glass of something warming and some small nibbles to keep him going as he wends his way around every home in every country.

Even if bad weather is forecast, the special satellite navigation used by this traveller will ensure he won't get lost. He has many little helpers who have worked all year to ensure a clear run with his craft in full working order. Even the US FAA has given him special approval for the route he takes.

He takes an awful lot of baggage with him for one person, but he drops these off as he goes around the world. However, there's no way this traveller will be paying excess baggage. No-one will be collecting any landing fees from him either and he doesn't stop in any destination long enough for any visa requirements. It's not even clear if he has a passport but as no-one will see him, immigration services just have to allow him to pass unhindered.

In these days when the environment is so important, this traveller has managed to harness pure animal power, made safe and possible during current health considerations because of herd immunity, so that his travels are as efficient as possible with no fossil fuel consumed. And with the population expanding every year, the little helpers that work tirelessly behind the scenes are growing in number which makes him one of the biggest employers in the world.

This traveller is surely the busiest of all for just this one 24 hour period in a year. He's also the most jolly of fellows with the echo of his 'Ho, ho, ho' reverberating through the skies as he flies around the world on this most important business trip. The jingle of bells are often heard in his wake too.

This particular business traveller might come from Finland, or perhaps somewhere else in the Arctic Circle. No-one is particularly sure but many like to claim he starts his journey from their territory. One thing is for sure, he will be getting a fantastic view of earth as he speeds around on his journey.

Like many pilots in the northern hemisphere at this time of year, no doubt he'll get to see the aurora borealis. It's understood he maintains an altitude above 50,000 feet so will never trouble commercial aviation.

It is rumoured that he favours the good and ignores those that have been naughty or bad. So it's hoped that all of you have been good enough for a visit from this first class business traveller. We wish this festive business traveller well on his trip! Ho, ho, ho!

In a year where so much has changed, there is nothing wrong with getting santa-mental at this time of year as the holiday period brings a degree of seasonal normality. If the world's most important business traveller - in the eyes of children, at least - can still deliver some seasonal magic, then we all need to start looking forward to 2021 with a little more optimism. I'm sure all of us will be wishing for something similar in 2021!