In search of the road warriors’ holy grail: beating jetlag or just clever marketing?

13 March, 2018

Anyone who travels a lot, no matter which part of the aircraft, knows how unglamorous jetlag is. Not sleeping on arrival, not sleeping on return. Tossing and turning at night - there's just no logic to it. If they thought that eating their socks would help cure jetlag, they'd do it.

So, when Qantas plans the first ever non-stop commercial 787-9 service between the UK and Australia, it makes a lot of sense for the flying kangaroo to try to do something to bring a bit of comfort to its weary road warriors. The question remains though, is this a serious attempt at solving an aviation problem or purely a clever marketing ploy? It seems the free publicity received from a multitude of news sources far out ways any investment the airline has made, so why can't it be both?

Hear the insightful views on this subject from CAPA - Centre for Aviation executive chairman, Peter Harbison…

Watch CAPA - Centre for Aviation's executive chairman Peter Harbison break down this intriguing topic: