Introducing CAPA’s new MRO Matrix

10 January, 2018

Expand your capabilities, stay ahead of your competition

Four years in the making, CAPA’s MRO Matrix, offers a fully customised experience which integrates with CAPA’s Fleet, News, Profiles and Analysis products and provides new-to-market insights on airframe, engine, APU and all components.

Access the most comprehensive, cost effective MRO solution on the market, as well as new-to-market insights on airframe, engine, APO and all components in a fresh new system.

"I have been impressed by the CAPA team’s data and also their responsiveness, spirit of partnership and their willingness to cooperate in an open and qualitative manner. We look forward to working with CAPA.” - Marketing & Market Intelligence Manager, Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Find the information you need for quick, actionable insights coupled with dedicated personalised support, to keep you ahead of the game. Request a trial today.

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