JetBlue says hello to summer with featured 'not so serious' Rose wine 

4 July, 2018

It is no secret the taste of food is affected by higher altitudes, and wine is no different. And most airline wine choices outside of premium classes are usually uninspiring. But JetBlue is working to add some pizazz to its offerings with Rose in the main cabin this summer as long as supplies last, according to The Daily Meal.

To mark the first official day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere JetBlue on Jun-21 offered passengers on a flight from Boston to Charleston, SC a complimentary glass of Famille Chavin Duc de France Rosé d’Oc 2016.

According to The Daily Meal, the wine was chosen with the hassles of travel in mind. “The way you drink wine on board is different from the way you drink on the ground,” JetBlue wine expert Jon Bonne told the publication. “People get stressed out while flying, they don’t want a super-serious wine.” If you’ve never had rosé before, the specific wine chosen for the flight offers a nice introduction to the style. “It’s good, it’s fruity, it’s everything you would want in a rosé,” he says.

Previously, Rose was only available in JetBlue’s Premium Mint cabin, but Bonne told The Daily Meal the wine is now also featured in the main cabin for the summer as long as inventory is available.

Rose debuted on JetBlue’s flights in 2015, and at the time Bonne told Entreprenuer : "I thought [serving rosé] was going to be kind of, a little bit of an out there idea," says Bonné. However, when he introduced the Indica Rosé, "Everyone in the room -- and this is JetBlue's senior management -- their eyes lit up."