Jetstar wins our award for the best advertising campaign of the week

28 February, 2018

Jetstar has officially taken our award for the best advertising campaign of the week, with this little gem: Life's too short for smashed avo.

In Oct-2016, KPMG partner and The Australian columnist Bernard Salt suggested that "the evils of hipster cafes" were contributing to the reasons why many millennials were struggling to buy a first home. He surmised that if young people stopped spending AUD22 a week on "smashed avocado with crumbed feta on five-grain toasted bread" then perhaps they could afford to have and pay off a mortgage.

The article and subsequent discussions throughout Australia, including a 60 minutes interview with property mogul Tim Gurner, received international press, particularly in the US and UK. Time Magazine even released an avocado toast calculator, asking people to enter the details of their city and state to find out how many servings they would have to skip to be able to afford a home. Ridiculous, we know! Especially when considering the average house price in Sydney in 2017 was AUD1.1 million.

Cut to a year on and in a stroke of genius, Jetstar has decided to use this to their advantage and release its "Life's too short for smashed avo". The impressive campaign actually makes a lot of sense, considering the fact that giving up only four services of "smashed avo" could actually get you to Bali. Although eating scorpions as depicted in the ad isn't exactly our idea of a fun time.

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