Jobs in the US travel industry can fetch higher salaries than manufacturing and health care

6 June, 2019

Jobs in the travel industry hold a certain allure for individuals with permanent wanderlust, but new research from the US Travel Association shows individuals with careers in the industry have higher wages than their counterparts in manufacturing and healthcare.

The association's 'Made in America: Travel's Contribution to Workforce Development' concluded individuals that began their career in travel earned an average salary of USD82,400 by the time they were 50 years old, which was higher than those who started in manufacturing, health care and other industries.

The research also shows 17% of Americans whose first job was in travel now own their own business, and 19% consider themselves entrepreneurs. "Again a higher figure than manufacturing and healthcare," the association concluded.

Women that start their careers in the travel industry also appear to be more entrepreneurial. Fourteen percent of those women consider themselves as entrepreneurs compared with 10% that began their careers in health care.

"This report reinforces the fact that travel matters to jobs and the economy in our country, and our government should prioritise pro-travel policies to ensure the industry continues to grow," says US Travel Association CEO Roger Dow.