Langham launches Ying’nFlo, a lifestyle brand for Millennial and Generation Z travellers

15 November, 2022

Langham Hospitality Group celebrates its 20th anniversary by launching Ying'nFlo, an upper midscale hospitality brand, with its sociable lifestyle approach accented with emerging music and art, geared at capturing the bold optimistic spirit of Millennials and Generation Z travellers across the globe.

The first Ying'nFlo concept launched in the colourful district of Wanchai, Hong Kong in Oct-2022 with plans to expand rapidly in the region. The pipeline already includes a hotel in Xiamen, as part of Langham Hospitality Group's first multi-brand project and there are ongoing discussions to secure multiple sites for development in the very near future.

Ying'nFlo developed for 'inquisitive urban travellers'

With flexibility and convenience at its core, Ying'nFlo is being curated "for inquisitive urban travellers seeking a practical well-designed hospitality experience," according to Langham Group, where "the basics are done exceptionally well and spaces curated to feed their minds and sensibilities". The brand ethos appears all about comfort, adaptability and ease of use in a relaxed and fun style.

A bold colourful canvas at an affordable price

"Ying'nFlo is a bold colourful canvas for the younger urban travellers, at an affordable price," explains Brett Butcher, chief executive officer. "It's a smart guest experience for a generation that has grown up with digital. The concept combines simple stylish design with brilliant basics which are efficiently executed with a strong social vibe."

Langham Group will locate Ying'nFlo in destinations where they will act as the front door to cultural, entertainment and tech hub districts. "There is a strong opportunity to grow Ying'nFlo in Asia-Pacific and beyond where 50% of the population are millennials or GenZers," says Mr Butcher.

An informal hospitality experience

Ying'nFlo is designed as a place "which feels like a friend's apartment, only better!" notes Langham Group. Architects and interior designers, Linehouse, was engaged for their philosophy of celebrating daily moments through design, and transforming mundane spaces into performative acts.

They created Ying'nFlo spaces for inquisitive, urban travellers looking for a practical, well-designed place to stay, for whom standard hotel offerings are not the answer.

The House of Ying'nFlo also offers a shared space that connects everyone. Guests simply stay, work and play their way. They can grab a healthy bite, have informal meetings, or enjoy a quiet moment after a busy day.

Brand will offer playground for emerging artists and musicians

As a place to bring travellers together, Ying'nFlo will also act as a playground for emerging artists and musicians, curating stories that resonate with their generation.

Each Ying'nFlo will feature a rich tapestry of art in all its forms. It will play host to urban art experiences such as the creation of a bold colourful outdoor mural in Hong Kong by Berlin-based artist, Josephine Rais which blends into the fabric of Ying'nFlo, inviting guests to stay and play in its multi-functional spaces.

Music also lives at the heart of Ying'nFlo. Curated music lists will play on property and on the social channels, showcasing emerging artists.

A tech forward experience for guests

With a generation that has grown up using digital technology, guests will benefit from the powerful all-in-one Ying'nFlo app. The smartphone app grants guests the ability to check in and check out as well as use their phone as a digital keycard.

The app lets users access the controls to their room as they prefer. This includes the television and air-conditioning level and the lighting. It includes messaging which connects guests to available in-house services, make requests and get in touch with staff before arrival. Guests can also charge their vending machine or cafe purchases to their room using the app.

The system also offers guests the ability to access available services and local points of interest.

Frills build on hospitality basics

Recognising that "no two guests would work and play the same way," guestrooms and common spaces not only "look instagrammably good," but also "offer multi-functional uses," says Langham Group.

Guests can simply sleep, chill or work in their rooms, which feature furniture adaptable to their needs. Lobby and communal spaces feature vending machines dispensing a variety of essentials and refreshments. Some properties will offer bike share services and retro table games.

Millennials and GenZers are hyperconnected digital natives seeking personalisation and authenticity

In an ever-changing digital era, the Millennials and GenZers are "hyperconnected digital natives. who are seeking a level of personalisation, authenticity, and digital touchpoints from a hospitality brand that they can call their own," says Mr Butcher.

"Ying'nFlo offers this with a level of comfort and relaxation which gives this new generation of globally-minded adventure seekers room to explore their creativity," he adds.