Perth Airport CEO on expansion, growth opportunities and the resurgence of WA’s economy

12 July, 2018

We recently caught up with Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown at the CAPA Perth Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit, to discuss expansion plans, growth opportunities in Asia and beyond and the resurgence of Western Australia's economy.

Mr Brown believes a second runway project is needed to "stay ahead of the curve" in relation to demand, commenting that it is something which has been talked about since 1970's, and will offer flexibility and capacity. He also discusses the importance of maintaining a 24/7 operation which will benefit not only travellers but freight opportunities for WA's economy.

On the WA's economy, he believes the state is seeing a resurgence. He stated that job offers in WA has increased beyond the national average rate, and the tourism business is working on offering "high quality accommodation" and "world class attractions" such as the new Perth Stadium to support the growth.

The India market is of special focus for the airport, however Mr Brown reminds us that Asia represents a "potential market of over four billion people at our doorsteps". He stated Perth-India and Perth-China traffic reached 140,000 and 180,000 passengers p/a, respectively and the growth opportunities are endless.

Watch our full interview below: