QUESTION FOR THE WEEK: As Lufthansa Group's CEO speaks out on long-haul consolidation, which 12 airlines do you think will make his future dozen airlines prediction?

26 August, 2019

In our new weekly series to break up those Monday morning office blues, The Blue Swan Daily will be testing your knowledge and insight into the aviation and travel industry. This is all just for fun, but who knows? We may be able to find a prize somewhere around CAPA HQ. This week's question is detailed below. The answers will be revealed and winners (if there are any correct entries) announced next week alongside our next question.

Lufthansa Group chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr has spoken a lot at industry events and to the media in the past couple of months about how low-fares have been impacting the German flag carrier's operations. He has described them as "economically," ecologically," "environmentally" and "politically" irresponsible.

There has been a lot of change around the Lufthansa Group, not least the massive expansion at Eurowings in light of the collapse of Germany's number two carrier airberlin. Mr Spohr has said the group will "not be chased away" from its home markets, adding it has the "financial strength to counteract" LCC competition and is "well positioned" to keep pace with global consolidation in the industry. After all, as Mr Spohr explains the public should not "ignore the value of aviation", adding globalisation "would not exist without airlines".

Having clearly been one of the winners of consolidation in Germany Mr Spohr has said he expects the industry will now evolve towards 12 airline companies operating worldwide, with three each in the US, China, the Middle East and Europe. He added these will be supplemented by regional carriers.

There is no right or wrong answer this week, we simply would love to hear your views?

Our QUESTION OF THE WEEK is... Lufthansa Group chairman and CEO believes the industry will evolve towards just 12 airline companies operating worldwide, with three each in the US, China, the Middle East and Europe. Who do you think these dozen airlines will be?

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We will be revealing the answers at the same time next week, when we will be setting another question.

Last week we asked… LCCs have rarely been out of the news over the past 20 years, but in which seven countries do they have more than a 60% share of summer capacity?

Our analysis of OAG data ahead of this summer's flight schedules put the growing Indian market at the top of the LCC penetration list with the emerging budget sector responsible for over 81 million seats during the schedule period, a whopping 71.4% share of the departure seat total. A further six countries had a LCC share above 60%, these are all in Central and Eastern Europe and comprise: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (69.4%), Hungary (63.0%), Romania (62.8%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (61.7%) and Slovakia (60.2%).