QUESTION FOR THE WEEK: Everybody knows that Paris, Milan and London are the fashion capitals of Europe, but according to Holidu, which are the best cities in Europe for the ultimate shopping trip?

8 March, 2020

In our weekly series to break up those Monday morning office blues, The Blue Swan Daily tests your knowledge and insight into the aviation and travel industry. This is all just for fun. Who knows? We may occasionally find a prize somewhere around CAPA HQ. This week’s question is detailed below. The answers will be revealed and winners (if there are any correct entries) announced next week alongside our next question.

Whether we are travelling for business or leisure, you cannot escape a trip to the shops while we are travelling. But, which European city markets offer the best shopping experience for travellers? Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, has designed the ideal travel bucket list for every shopaholic, but who makes the top ten shopping list?

Our QUESTION OF THE WEEK is... Everybody knows that Paris, Milan and London are the fashion capitals of Europe, but according to Holidu, which are the best cities in Europe for the ultimate shopping trip?

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Our previous question asked… We all enjoy our comforts, but what are the items British travellers can’t travel abroad without?

A recent poll has shown that Britons look forward to travelling on business so that they can ‘get away from the family’ – a observation that is likely valid across the world.

But, while Brits are eager to get away, there are a range of items that they can’t survive without. A new survey from Airport Parking and Hotels, has highlighted these home comforts for Britons.

Heading this list - and likely across many country markets – the survey found that nearly half of British holidaymakers cannot travel abroad without their mobile phones. Travellers explained that phones are the handiest, if not most vital, item to take because they can display boarding cards, stream TV shows, play music and drown out noise onboard flights, as well as being the most useful item to carry in case of emergencies with many people saying they felt happy knowing they could contact home. Similarly, people expressed their love for taking pictures and capturing memories whilst abroad and marked their camera as a travelling essential.

Coming out next – and more likely to be a British flavour not necessarily shared across other markets – was that nearly a fifth of those surveyed said they couldn’t go abroad without packing their own tea bags The survey revealed that tea-lovers are loyal folk and like to drink their regular brand of tea rather than those found abroad with some holidaymakers even admitting to packing kettles and sugar to ensure their ‘tea tipple’ is up to scratch.

Other home comforts that people said they reach for on their holidays are hair straighteners and skin care products in order to combat holiday humidity and sun exposure, however many despaired at the heaviness of these items and explained they often end up paying for extra weight in hold luggage. Slippers and dressings gowns were also popular packing choice required by those wanting to relax in style and comfort. And finally, one tenth of those surveyed exclaimed they can’t travel without their wife because she’s in charge and paying the bill!