QUESTION FOR THE WEEK: Expedia reveals the top fastest growing tourism destinations for 2020 based on demand, But which countries make it onto the top ten list?

24 November, 2019

In our weekly series to break up those Monday morning office blues, The Blue Swan Daily tests your knowledge and insight into the aviation and travel industry. This is all just for fun, but who knows? We may occasionally find a prize somewhere around CAPA HQ. This week’s question is detailed below. The answers will be revealed and winners (if there are any correct entries) announced next week alongside our next question.

Travel trends are clearly changing. Whether that is a new demographic of traveller, new industry disruption, technological innovation, it is changing where we are visiting. When it comes to analysing changing travel trends, Expedia, as one of the world's largest online travel brands, can provide an interesting spotlight on modifying themes across flights, hotel stays, searches bookings, and even experiences.

Latest research based on US traveller data has seen the company reveal its ‘2020 Trends in Travel’ which highlights the fastest-growing destinations around the world, hidden gem beaches both near and far, the rise of natural wonders and college towns and top-selling experiences and attractions.

As part of this, its analysts scoured the list of fastest-growing destinations to identify the countries that had the most cities trending based on flight demand, producing a brand-new bucket list of markets for the next decade.

Our QUESTION OF THE WEEK is... Expedia has revealed the top fastest growing tourism destinations for US travellers in 2020 based on demand, But which countries make it onto the top ten list?

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We will be revealing the answers at the same time next week, when we will be setting another question.

Our previous question asked… According to the Columbus Direct research which destinations around the world have the highest and lowest number of tourists per square mile?

The research from Columbus Direct analysed the number of international visitors there are in some of the world’s most popular places to reveal the number of tourists you’re likely to encounter as you travel around some of the most popular destinations.

The destinations with highest density of tourists per square mile were:
#1 – Phuket, Thailand (5,090 tourists per square mile);
#2 – Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2,918);
#3 – Pattaya, Thailand (2,762);
#4 – Paris, France (1,174);
#5 – Barcelona, Spain (605).

The destinations with lowest density of tourists per square mile were Hong Kong with a modest 58 visitors per square mile each day and London, which may receive the second-highest number of international visitors per year overall, but due to its size sees just 89 visitors per square mile each day.