QUESTION FOR THE WEEK: There is increasing belief that the ‘flight shaming’ movement could influence a reduction in domestic air travel, but what are the world’s ten largest domestic country markets?

9 September, 2019

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The 'flight shaming' movement is particularly strong in Europe, but is expected to be increasingly seen in other parts of the world. It encourages the feeling of being embarrassed or ashamed to take the plane because of the environmental impact, but is it practical for time sensitive business travellers or families travelling on holiday.

In Europe there are particularly strong calls for the ending of domestic flights with the UK, France and Germany all seeing strong calls from green activists for passengers to move from the air to rail services. There are also calls to remove unsustainable air capacity from the market, a topic where environmentalists and politicians are being backed by some full-service airlines.

There are certainly arguments that some form of substitution can be managed on short-sector markets. The size of some countries mean that international flights can actually be a shorter duration than an internal flight, but some of impact on the domestic market would seem to be where any initial impact could take place.

'Flight shaming' actually comes from the Swedish word 'fFlygskam' and the movement has already secured a lot of backing in the country, most notable from young climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who has made it a part of her 'awareness tour' around Europe. It has to say exactly how strong its backing and influence is, but Sweden has seen a rise in rail travel over the last couple of years and a decrease in flights.

The number of passengers flying at Sweden's ten busiest airports fell by -8% from January to April this year, according to airport operator Swedavia, while the boss of Sweden's national carrier SAS has cited the movement for a fall in air passenger numbers in Sweden.

The Swedish evidence suggests the 'flight shaming' movement is most likely to impact domestic air travel, but did you know that there are over 505,000 domestic flights scheduled for this week providing 65 million domestic seats - almost 375,000 of these and more than 50 million seats are within the ten largest country markets.

Our QUESTION OF THE WEEK is... There is increasing belief that the 'flight shaming' movement could influence a reduction in domestic air travel, but what are the world's ten largest domestic country markets?

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