'Ready to Fly' solutions from Thales highlight cabin innovations that reduce touch, mitigate congestion and restore passenger confidence in air travel for the journey into a post pandemic world

4 December, 2020

All across the industry stakeholders are working to restore passenger confidence to travel. Whether it is a major US airline blocking the sale of middle seats to a European LCC allowing consumers to purchase a spare seat alongside them at a special rate, the solution is the same, making the traveller comfortable when they board an aircraft.

Thales InFlyt Experience, the inflight entertainment and connectivity arm of the French multinational group that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets, is using technology to boost traveller trust.

It has announced the introduction of the 'Ready to Fly' portfolio of solutions to enable cabin innovations that reduce touch and mitigate passenger congestion. The range of solutions is part of the company efforts to support airlines with technologies to restore confidence in air travel by enhancing the health, safety and wellness of passengers.

The ‘Ready to Fly’ "touchless" solutions allow passengers to safely control the inflight entertainment system with their personal phone or tablet for a full IFE experience, including digital versions of onboard paper menus, magazines and important safety and health information.

To reduce physical interactions with the crew, while maximising services, the Thales Travel Assistant solution enables passengers to request and receive automated information on the seatback monitor. The crew will also have the ability to gather information, receive notifications and control the cabin from their own secure personal phone or tablet.

Looking toward the future, Thales is leveraging its "robust network of partners" to develop further cabin automation solutions that decrease congestion, facilitate aircraft disembarking, and manage passenger flow by using synthetic data. The efforts are part of the company's vision to reimagine the way people travel using advanced and cyber-secured technologies that create a safer, and more connected, digital ecosystem.

It has recently unveiled its new Thales Gemalto Intelligent ID Card Reader, the first reader designed for inspecting both sides of an ID document simultaneously in the cloud, thus simplifying the ID verification process. The design of the intelligent reader allows to speed up the process, while guaranteeing a high security level, and offering cost benefits to the operators. It simplifies the process of ID verification and offers a touchless check, which is all the more important in the COVID-19 era.

Data processing in the cloud means operators can quickly and simply connect the device to their networks, tablets, phones and enterprise applications as a service. It simplifies the tasks of operators and integrators, while significantly reducing the costs of IT equipment for enterprises. In this case it allows the examination of ID cards or driving licenses in less than four seconds.