Ready to restore air travel… but in a responsible way

24 March, 2021

Many airlines around the world have been using the downtime caused by COVID-19 to re-evaluate their carbon footprint and announcing commitments to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Airlines and supporting businesses are keen to develop their individual approaches to reach these targets, through various initiatives such as efficiency measures, investments in sustainable aviation fuels and more fuel-efficient aircraft, reduction of waste and single-use plastics, and carbon offsets among other measures.

But this is not universal. During the Mar-2021 edition of CAPA Live - a monthly virtual summit, offering insights, information, data and live interviews with airline CEOs and industry executives across a next-gen virtual event platform - CAPA - Centre for Aviation chairman emeritus Peter Harbison said "you shouldn't waste a good crisis, but still noted that "a lot of people are actually wasting" the coronavirus crisis.

"We're just going to try and go back to the way things were before, which is not what's good for airlines, and it's not what's good for passengers, and it's certainly not what's good for the environment," he warned.

In a session looking ahead to 2050 to identify what needs to be done to deliver on sustainability promises, Mr Harbison was joined by ATAG, executive director, Michael Gill; Airlines for America (A4A), VP environmental affairs, Nancy Young; and Airlines for Europe, managing director, Thomas Reynaert.

You can view the full session:

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