Routehappy boosts its airline content to track the type and availability of in-flight beverages

18 September, 2018

Routehappy has announced that it has created a new amenity within its airline content on inflight beverages, the first new category to be added by the company in three years. The data provider will track the type and availability of beverages, along with whether they are provided for a fee or at no cost to provide passengers a "clearer picture" of the onboard products offered during a flight.

Now a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATPCO, Routehappy has become recognised as one of the the industry standards for airline rich content, which helps airlines and distributors differentiate and better monetise their products. Its scores & amenities API provides flight scores and cabin amenity data, including aircraft, seat, layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi, power, fresh food and relative duration.

Australian carrier Qantas has become the first airline to integrate the new beverages amenity alongside a new enhanced food amenity, which now goes beyond fresh food to feature a comprehensive list of all food types, including light meal and snacks, for select airlines. These are now live on its direct channel website.

Routehappy currently has beverages and enhanced food data for approximately a dozen global airlines, including Qantas, with more airlines in queue for development. The new data is available immediately to its amenities subscribers, but as premium options for airlines with Pro subscription tiers or higher. As with all other amenities it tracks, Routehappy says its team of airline researchers "will continuously update" this latest amenity data to reflect the airlines' latest offerings.

The company describes the amenity options as delivering "significantly more robust and useful amenity data for flight shoppers across all direct and indirect sales channels". The new enhanced food and beverages options will both note whether the options are free or paid to provide customer clarity.

"Enhancing food and adding beverages, including whether or not a passenger gets alcoholic drinks included with their ticket, is a big step forward in helping airlines modernise and improve the flight shopping experience," says Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy by ATPCO.

Routehappy claims to be "powering the next generation of flight shopping," with its rich content solutions "modernising airline retailing, improving the flight shopping experience for consumers, and increasing revenue for the industry".