SATC release 2017 International Market Place profile, hear from their CEO at CAPA-ACTE Adelaide

16 August, 2017

The South Australian Tourism Council (SATC), released its annual 'International Market Place' profile in Jul-2017. Foreign arrivals account for 6% of total visitor numbers to South Australia, while International expenditure accounts for 14% of total visitor expenditure. China has grown significantly over the past five years, while the established western markets of the UK, New Zealand and North America continue to perform well for South Australia.

Air capacity into South Australia has grown significantly with the addition of Qatar Airways and China Southern Airlines. Adelaide Airport services 11,800 weekly international seats from key international markets.

United Kingdom

The UK continues to be South Australia's largest inbound market with strong leisure and visiting friends and relatives visitation. The report highlighted:

  • The UK represents on average AUD82 million (USD65.2 million) in expenditure to the State;
  • South Australia's UK target audience is 55+ year olds, who spend on average 13-17 days in the State;
  • Adelaide is the main destination for overnight visitors with 89%;
  • UK visitors are affluent experience seekers who generally travel without children and look for authentic and immersive experiences;
  • South Australia's nature and wildlife assets on Kangaroo Island, the Eyre Peninsula and in the Flinders Ranges as well as the food and wine regions of Adelaide and surrounds have strong appeal.

North America

North America (USA and Canada) is South Australia's second largest inbound market. North American arrivals to South Australia averaged 55,000 visitors p/a for the three years since 2014. The report highlighted:

  • North American visitors are high yield experience seekers and are time poor. They have high median household incomes and have travelled internationally in the last three years;
  • The North American market is beginning to venture outside of Kangaroo Island with the Flinders Ranges, Eyre Peninsula and self-drive journeys being promoted and brochured via major wholesalers;
  • Canada represents about 20% of North American volume, and a slightly higher proportion of revenues.

New Zealand

New Zealand is South Australia's third largest inbound market. The report highlighted:

  • SA's target audience remains 35-64 year olds, who spend on average 8-11 days in the State;
  • Adelaide is the main destination for overnight visitors with 87%;
  • SATC continues to develop its strong relationship with Air New Zealand, working to drive passenger numbers to South Australia;
  • New Zealand travellers are quite comfortable booking and travelling independently, therefore the SATC contributes a significant proportion of its marketing budget towards consumer direct marketing;
  • Kiwis are unlikely to look past the first few pages of online search results, so it is crucial to optimise search engine rankings.

Other points of interest

  • Chinese arrivals to South Australia averaged 36,000 visitors p/a for the three years since 2014;
  • South Australia generally attracts affluent middle class couples residing in core cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and surrounding areas;
  • Indian arrivals to South Australia averaged 13,000 visitors p/a for the three years since 2014;
  • Over half of all Indian visitors to South Australia travel for a Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) purpose trip, making it the most dominant purpose of visitation. Long stays with few stopovers characterise an average Indian VFR trip to Australia;

SATC chief executive to deliver keynote at CAPA-ACTE Adelaide Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

SATC Chief Executive Rodney Harrex will be attendance at the 2017 CAPA-ACTE Adelaide Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit on 01-Sep-2017. His keynote speech, entitled "Driving Demand in the Visitor Economy" is scheduled for 9:10am, have you booked your place yet?

Rodney has been in this role since Apr-2013 and is tasked with the objective of leading a dynamic, innovative and creative team at the SATC that makes South Australia a growing destination choice for international, domestic and South Australian travellers.

Rodney has been instrumental in increasing the recognition of the value of tourism to South Australia and its contribution to employment. He recently led the introduction of new direct international flights from China Southern Airlines and Qatar Airways. He also spearheaded the development of the South Australian Tourism Plan 2020. Under his leadership, South Australia has won the right to host many world class events, conferences and exhibitions while South Australia's visitor economy has grown to over AUD6 billion.

Rodney joined the SATC after a 25 year career with Tourism Australia, where he rose to the position of General Manager, UK and Northern Europe after working in various international markets and Sydney.

To hear directly from Rodney, visit