SITA is helping airlines to understand passengers

27 March, 2018

SITA has announced the newest airline to take advantage of its Horizon Business Intelligence product, which is designed to assist with interpreting the vast amounts of available information about passengers.

Jeju Air, South Korea’s first low cost carrier, has extended its partnership with SITA for Horizon Passenger Services System (PSS) to support its business growth. The new multi-year deal also includes SITA’s Horizon Business Intelligence, which offers comprehensive data analysis to identify, evaluate, and act on trends, challenges and opportunities.

Jeju Air began its operations in 2005, and SITA’s PSS has been an integral part of the airline’s operations from the start. Since then Jeju Air has grown and continues to grow exponentially, and is using extensive PSS functionalities to support its sales and distribution strategies. SITA’s PSS is well positioned to serve Jeju Air’s passenger management services and operations and is future-proofed to support the airline for the coming years.

Seok-Joo Lee, CEO of Jeju Air, said: “The new advanced business intelligence services will help us find new opportunities to improve the passenger experience, while making intelligent decisions on strategic and operational issues. On top of that, the strong working relationship and support from the SITA local team is very much appreciated.”

Jeju Air has a fleet of more than 30 Boeing 737-800s, with plans to expand to 50 over the next two years as demand for low cost travel increases, both within South Korea and across the region. As the airline grows, its IT infrastructure will also need to expand to ensure that it continues to be efficient and cost-effective.

Sumesh Patel, SITA President Asia Pacific, said: “We are very pleased to be supporting Jeju Air as it grows and that’s a role we’ll continue playing. As well as the Horizon PSS functionality that we’re already providing, the Horizon Business Intelligence will enable the airline to unlock the value of its data. Looking ahead, we can also add further modules, such as self-service applications, social media connectivity and other upgrades. In this way Jeju Air can be confident that we will support their evolving business needs.”

Horizon Business Intelligence

SITA’s Horizon Business Intelligence includes dashboards based on passenger data, a feature that allows the airline to improve operational performance. Airlines can evaluate and analyse intricate data right down to who made the booking and what ancillaries were purchased, all with the purpose of identifying issues, spotting key trends and uncovering opportunities for improvement.

The data gives each airline the facility to ask questions such as:

  • “Which travel agents cancelled the most PNRs last week?”
  • “What ancillary services are generating the most revenue right now?”
  • “What are my most popular routes?”
  • “What are my self-check-in trends by city?”

From a passenger perspective, allowing airlines to access this sort of detailed data can only lead to positive improvements to customer service and product offerings, and even lower cost airfares.