The new Virgin Atlantic Goodie Bag claims to be the most sustainable amenity kit in the sky

9 September, 2019

UK carrier Virgin Atlantic has taken a further step in its sustainable vision with the introduction of its new Goodie Bag products for its upper class and premium economy passenger, dubbed by the airline as the "most sustainable amenity kit in the sky". There debut marks a big step towards the airline's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by 30% by 2021 and flying one of the world's cleanest, greenest and youngest fleets.

The revamped 'freebie' has been put together by Galileo Watermark, experts in design and creating bespoke in-flight products. It includes a BambuuBrush toothbrush (a toothbrush with a bamboo handle and charcoal-infused PBT bristles), REN Clean skincare products, a blackout eye mask and a pen, most formed from a hard-wearing paper-like, water-resistant, reusable material made from natural materials.

The new product will debut on the airline's new Airbus A350-1000 which will enter commercial service this week on the London Heathrow (LHR) - New York John F Kennedy International (JFK) route, initially flying six times weekly. The airline is due to receive four A350s this year - all to be used on the LHR-JFK route - and has a further eight on order for delivery by 2021.

"Our new aircraft have been a catalyst for change which has enabled us to question everything we carry and look at a new set of products that are sustainable but not a compromise on quality," explains the airline's product manager Katerina Orfanidi who lead the re-design of the amenity kit.

IMAGE - To complement the goodie bag the airline's upper class loungewear has also been redesigned and comes in an environmentally friendly washable drawstring bagSource: Virgin Atlantic

There's everything you would expect from an amenity bag, but without the plastic that has previously been regularly seen within them. In fact Virgin Atlantic puts this as a 945 tonne saving of plastic per year compared to its current amenity kits.

But, this is Virgin Atlantic and the removal of plastic is not enough: the new amenity bags comes with an added splash of colour and Virgin flare. This is delivered in the form of the exclusive Virgin Atlantic designed socks inspired by the destinations it flies and which has the potential to become a collectable among regular travellers.

"Virgin Atlantic has always played by its own rules and our new amenities are no exception. Our commitment to sustainability is key to who we are, and we fully understand the importance to our customers," says Corneel Koster, executive vice president, customer at the UK airline.

IMAGE - The airline's upper class duvets and pillows have also been redesigned to be bigger and warmer but lighter and no longer have coversSource: Virgin Atlantic

The airline acknowledges the new Goodie Bags are part of a journey to a point where the airline can use technology to personalise amenity kits and offer customers only the items that they need. Alongside the sustainability goal, this journey has also been about standing out from the crowd, something that has been in the airline's DNA since its formation over 35 years ago.

"The thing is, if you look at the amenity kits of all the world's major airlines- and believe us, we have - they are depressingly similar," says the airline, which believes its new reinvented edition meets the ethics of a new generation of clued-up, eco conscious consumers. And beyond the amenities, the designers have not forgotten the bag itself, which has been sized to fit an iPad mini, phone or passport - allowing for reuse after flight.

IMAGE - There are two different Goodie Bags, one for upper class (top) and one for travellers in premium economy (bottom)
Source: Virgin Atlantic

There are two different goodie bags, one for upper class and one for travellers in premium economy with a selection of items also available on request for economy customers. As stated previously, passengers on Virgin Atlantic's LHR-JFK will currently be the only ones able to enjoy the new amenity bags, although the airline confirms they will gradually appear on other flights as stock of its old amenity kits runs down.