The surprising effects of business versus leisure travel on your health and well-being – new infographic pulls together various insights to highlight the pressures of corporate travel

5 December, 2019

One of the biggest talking points of the last year has been how regular travel impacts our health and well-being. While travelling for business or leisure may ultimately be a similar experience in today's budget aware world, our experiences at destinations and the regularity of travel mean they can have very different impacts.

There has been numerous reports, detailed research and expert observations on this matter. The bright lights of travel may still be a big incentive to millennials, but ultimately most road warriors will concur that the experience is very different to the expectation.

Much research into the effects of business versus leisure travel on your health and well-being has now been pooled by into a single infographic that details many of the key insights into this subject. Ultimately, it shows that the high majority 86% of business travellers find work trips as a relationship stressor.

But, corporate travel retains a ring of glamour: a chance to see the world and stay in excellent hotels on the company dollar. Furthermore, business trips can reap an enormous return on investment for the companies who send their employees on them with the infographic highlighting research that for every dollar spent on business travel, companies recouped USD12.50 in incremental increases in revenue.

This 'glamour' means that more than four in five (83%) millennials who have never travelled for business wish they had the opportunity to do so. The collated research highlights that they cite "the chance to see a new city, represent their companies in a different environment, and take advantage of hotel services as perks" that they would like the chance to partake in.

Too many young professionals without much experience travelling for work, business travel is viewed as a status symbol. This viewpoint could be born from leisure travel experiences and the rest and relaxation that often goes with them. But, the reality proves to be very different.

Travelling for business or pleasure, can be hard on the body and the mind. Between the early morning flights, poor sleep, dehydration, and navigating unfamiliar locations, travel disrupts our routines and can make it difficult to maintain healthy habits.

But the collated research shows that the overall health effects of travel stack up differently depending on whether you are attending an out-of-state conference for work, or cashing in on your paid time off. Highlighted studies show that road warriors are significantly more likely to suffer from a slew of health problems and interpersonal stress on account of their frequent travel.

As notes, these issues are "diametrically opposed to the health effects of leisure travel". "While holidays have been shown to make the body more resilient to stress and other chronic health problems, improve productivity and motivation, and even help save your marriage, frequent corporate travel can take a serious toll on the health and wellness of employees," it shows.