The trans-Atlantic shift - what impact, if any, will low cost long haul have on this important market?

12 September, 2019

Long haul low cost international operations are becoming a feature of the US-Europe market, introducing a new dynamic into the equation. Until now, the market has been the territory of foreign airlines, but with airlines like the mid-cost/mid-frills JetBlue Airways now about to embark on trans-Atlantic operations, a new era of competition could be in the wind.

There can be no doubt that new aircraft technology and new business models have contributed to the expansion of the trans-Atlantic market. LCCs have been significant agents of this change on the North Atlantic, led by Norwegian. But, Norwegian is slowing its group-wide growth and WOW air and Primera Air have gone out of business, and there are increasing doubts over the role LCCs will continue to play in this important market.

A focus on the low cost long haul market and the trans-Atlantic will be one the discussion topics at the forthcoming CAPA Low Cost Long Haul Global Summit. Respected aviation intelligence specialist CAPA - Centre for Aviation will examine what the future of low cost long haul will look like and ultimately question is there room for further low cost long haul growth across the Atlantic.

As the foremost authority on aviation in the world, CAPA - Centre for Aviation's events provide cutting edge knowledge about strategic market trends and dynamics to help attendees make informed decisions, delivering the information and connections needed to inspire and improve business. The CAPA Low Cost Long Haul Global Summit will take place in Hamburg on 10-11 October 2019.

The CAPA Low Cost Long Haul Global Summit returns for a second year to explore the key strategic issues impacting the industry, the only strategy event dedicated to the new frontier of low cost travel: long haul.

New aircraft technologies, evolving passenger preferences and stable fuel prices are pushing LCCs (and restructuring full service airlines) to consider new growth opportunities. High fare long haul markets are ripe for disruption and airports/destinations are aggressively courting new routes. New city pairs are emerging, and secondary airports are featuring regularly in the long haul low cost networks.

But it's not just fuel efficient widebody equipment that's changing the game - the new long haul narrowbodies are opening up vast new opportunities for airlines - and they'll be entering the fleets of airlines around the world in large numbers in the coming years.

The implications are profound, touching the entire travel value chain from airports to accommodation, ground transportation, distribution/payment and technology - and even corporate travel.

This event, hosted at The Grand Elysée Hotel, close to Hamburg's city centre, is a must attend for those seeking to learn from, network and collaborate with today's travel industry leaders!

FIND OUT MORE… visit the CAPA Low Cost Long Haul Global Summit homepage to find out more about this not-to-be-missed opportunity to discuss relevant issues impacting the aviation sector and learn meaningful insights from your industry peers.