Tourism Australia: Asia is the future of Australia's inbound tourism, not just China

30 August, 2017

The 2017 CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation and Corporate Travel Summit welcomed Tourism Australia MD & CEO John O'Sullivan who had one key theme throughout his keynote and panel discussions: While China is important to inbound growth, we should not be ignoring other Asian markets.

Asia Tourism Growth Outlook

Key notes:

  • Chinese visitors in Australia/NZ highly concentrated around Jan/Feb. How to drive year-round sustainability?
  • China is big, but we shouldn't ignore other Asian markets. What are the other less well-known and exciting inbound developments?

Panel: Facilitating the expansion: Are Australia and New Zealand equipped?

Key discussion points:

  • Is it realistic to have nine or 10 Chinese airlines serving Australia/NZ?
  • What impact will China have on the global bilateral air policy system?
  • How much of the Asian market is there for the taking by Australia/NZ airlines vs Asian airlines? Have the Australian and New Zealand governments given too much away to foreign airlines?
  • Before Asian markets reach an outbound limit, Australia will likely reach a limit on how many visitors it can receive. What needs to be done?
  • What are the benefits - and drawbacks - of rapid inbound expansion

Moderator: Satu Raunola Consulting, Principal, Satu Raunola-Spencer


  • Hong Kong Airlines, Assistant Director Commercial, Michael Burke
  • Skyscanner, Director Business Development, Hugh Aitken
  • Tourism Australia, MD & CEO, John O'Sullivan
  • Tourism Futures International, Managing Director, Bob Cain