Travel managers have their work cut out sifting through updated information and guidance; taking a flexible approach is essential in today’s fluid landscape

3 July, 2020

As the world slowly starts to open up again with some countries now getting the Covid-19 pandemic under control, so corporate travel managers have their work cut out to really understand the new landscape when it comes to booking travel. Whether they are booking domestic or international travel there is now a whole new set of requirements and restrictions to consider before sending any employee back on the road.

Many countries still have access restrictions, yet others have quarantines in place, airports have different requirements as do airlines. It’s a maze of information travel managers now need to sift through to ensure travel confidence.

As noted in an earlier The Blue Swan Daily report companies are having to work hard at putting together information to thread their way through the continuously moving landscape of travel requirements.

To aid travel managers, global corporate travel management provider, BCD Travel, has launched a Back to Travel guide to give strategic advice, checklists and solutions for travel managers to prepare them for the return of corporate travel bookings. With the pressure mounting for corporate travel to get back into the air, travel managers need to fully understand what is required for each section of the journey in an ever-changing world.

The Back to Travel digital guide is a strategic resource to help travel managers work through the maze of information, new restrictions and recommendations and ensure corporate travellers have the confidence to travel safely.

“Stakeholders and travellers are asking questions and seeking reassurance,” says Teri Miller, executive vice president at BCD Travel. “This Back to Travel guide is based on recovery-specific solutions and several months of research both of which provide the answers to help companies get back to business safely and efficiently. As the situation remains fluid, we’ll regularly update the guide to provide new information and support.”

Back to Travel covers four essential programme areas. Here’s how BCD Travel defines them:

  • Duty of care: Travel managers rate duty of care as their top travel programme priority. While the legal obligation to employees is critical, companies need to think more broadly. A traveller care strategy that combines duty of care, risk mitigation and management and traveller wellness will be more effective for companies and their travellers and scale to meet unexpected challenges.
  • Traveller communications: Information is changing on an hourly basis. It can be overwhelming for travellers. In times like this, it’s crucial to share information about safety measures and policy guidance before, during and after their trip, ensuring that travellers are well prepared and feeling confident when they get back on the road.
  • Spend management: Now is a great opportunity to drive change, enabling travel managers to optimise their travel programmes to control cost and provide a positive travel experience. It’s essential to review supplier partnerships, use data, and shift air, hotel and ground transportation programmes to prepare for the new landscape.
  • Travel policy: It’s the right time to start making policy amendments to safeguard travellers’ wellbeing. A clear and accessible policy will help travellers to make the right decisions and feel confident about travelling again.

Each section highlights trends, practical advice, checklists and solutions designed to help travel managers position their travel programme for success. Travel managers need all the help they can get to keep themselves updated. A flexible approach is definitely needed as the landscape changes with each new development.