TravelPerk agrees deal to acquire Albatross; live data on travel restrictions and local guidelines will be integrated into its TravelCare platform

14 July, 2020

As societies across the world work to recover from Covid-19, international business travel is starting to reopen. However, the situation remains uncertain, with travel restrictions and guidance for travellers differing significantly across geographies and changing frequently.

This leaves many travellers unsure of how to travel safely and in accordance with local rules, travel managers without the visibility and tools to respond to changes quickly, and makes it extremely difficult for companies to fulfil their duty of care obligations to employees.

Next-generation business travel platforms like TravelPerk are pioneering the future of business travel. They offer travellers the freedom they want whilst providing companies with the control they need. The result is saved time, money, and hassle for everyone.

In the case of TravelPerk, a deal to acquire Albatross, a startup that offers an API for structured information on travel restrictions and local guidelines to travel applications, will further strengthen its offer and help travellers and businesses navigate the complex travel environment created by Covid-19 safely and confidently.

Albatross’ technology and data will be incorporated into TravelCare, TravelPerk’s travel risk management offering and will permit travel providers to display information on travel restrictions in their booking flow. This includes risk advisory on Covid-19, any Covid-related restriction – including whether travel is permitted between locations and any social distancing and face mask regulations that apply – plus local emergency numbers.

Through this acquisition, TravelPerk is reinforcing its strong suite of travel risk management products. Founded earlier this year, Albatross has built an industry-leading, developer-centric travel risk management API. It is the only company that can cover point-to-point travel restrictions and has already seen significant traction within the sector.

As well as being integrated into TravelPerk’s platform, Albatross’ offering will continue to be offered as a standalone product for travel providers and end-users.

Some of TravelPerk’s expanded travel risk management offerings are already live, with others becoming available in the coming weeks, helping travellers to navigate the ‘new normal’. Key features include: real-time information on point-to-point restrictions; in-search information on Covid-related requirements and local guidelines; and post-booking & in-journey support.

Every TravelPerk customer receives all traveller facing features, with limited admin functionality, with a premium offering also available with additional admin features, including full visibility of notifications and the trips and employees affected.

“We know from our own data that businesses are starting to think about travelling again. But we also know that there is no going back to the simple world that we took for granted before Covid-19,” explains Avi Meir, CEO and co-founder of TravelPerk. “The new normal for business travel will be more complex and much more unpredictable, as travel corridors or travel bubbles open up and close down in response to the public health situation in each country, or even in specific regions within countries.”

The new travel risk management solutions are the latest addition to TravelPerk’s growing suite of products and services. It follows the launch of flexible refund product FlexiPerk in 2019; carbon offsetting product GreenPerk earlier this year; and TravelPerk’s recent partnership with International SOS to repatriate travellers stranded abroad.